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I apologize for the ongoing rambling. But I feel so angry when I think about those that run and perpetuate the industry. Where does simple, basic humanity get lost? Has our world become less sympathetic because of increased population density and ease of movement (or transportation)? Has the value of life decreased so much? Or have human beings always been like this?
Hate the sin, not the sinner. I simply cannot separate one from the other on this one.
UNESCO’s Novel Approaches to Trafficking.
Last week, I proposed a bunch of things to prevent sex trafficking and to raise awareness about sex trafficking in the community. But I was not sure whether my proposed plans are practical. This week, I look at some NGOs in Thailand and their role in anti-trafficking activities. I’m very thrilled to find out about a trafficking project organized by United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Their trafficking and HIV/AIDS project is dedicated to work with ethnic minorities in Thailand. As their unique part of raising awareness, UNESCO has developed culturally acceptable radio programmes in minority languages. These radio programmes eliminate the language barriers that ethnic minorities face to be informed about trafficking and HIV.
In addition to traditional prevention activities such as raising awareness in the community, UNESCO has developed a project called, “Highland Citizenship and Birth Registration Project” to train and support NGOs to assist hill tribe people in meeting the Thai requirements for registration and citizenship. The lack of citizenship has been the main factor for ethnic minority girls and women in Thailand to be trafficked. Ethnic minority people are subject to arrest, deportation and other forms of abuse.
“Without I.D. Cards, the only choices for our children are to beg, sell drugs or sell their bodies – they are without hope.” – Akha grandmother in Sripingmuang Akha slum community, Chiang Mai .
Thus, by assisting them in getting Thai citizenship, they would be less likely to be trafficked or exploited.
My favorite part is the one called, “GIS-linked Social Sentinel Surveillance Project.” I always wonder if there is a way to track the effectiveness of trafficking intervention programs. And this project is “GIS(geographic information system) -linked system connecting databases with information related to the trade in girls and women from the upper Mekong sub region into Thailand, rates of HIV/AIDS incidence, interventions and their coverage, and the distribution of at-risk populations (migrations, population in sex workers).
For example, the HIV/AIDS animated maps, initiated by the Social Sentinel Surveillance Project shows the progression of the HIV epidemic in Thailand from 1989 to 2005. I recommend everyone to take a look at the map and play around with it. I was shocked to see that in 1990, there were barely any HIV cases, but within four years, there was a dramatic increase in HIV epidemic across Thailand. The HIV epidemic reached its peak in 1998. From 2000 and 2004, the number of cases had greatly been reduced. This is due to the Thai government’s initiation of ‘100 percent condom program’, in which consistent condom use was enforced in all commercial sex establishment. “It is estimated that Thailand’s national HIV prevalence would be ten times higher than it currently is.” (UNAIDS report 2006) Other surveillance project also includes the village-based surveillance system which provides a geographic distribution of the trafficking trade and influence factors on minority girls and women from China’s Yunnan province, Myanmar and Lao.
This surveillance project will be very useful in assessing the effectiveness of human trafficking and HIV/AIDS interventions and in keeping track of ongoing migration of ethnic minorities so that NGOs can determine which area is most vulnerable to trafficking.  UNESO’s novel trafficking projects give me a great hope to eliminate human trafficking eventually.
Sex trafficking is basically a supply problem and a demand problem.В Unfortunately, in SE Asia, there is a ready supply of women and girls in poverty, who make easy targets for traffickers.В Then there is an equally large demand for commercial sex, both from local men and tourists.В I’ve been thinking the past couple weeks about how we reduce–indeed eliminate–both the supply and the demand, and I’ve been trying to figure out where I fit into the equation as a Stanford educated white American man.
In hopes of figuring this out, I’ve been scouring the internet.В I went and signed myself up on, which I hadn’t heard of until I started working on this blog project.В For those of you who, like me, didn’t know,В according to its homepage:
“ is a global, all-volunteer, member-governed, online social network (in combination with real-world locations) that is made up of social entrepreneurs, activists, artists, social purpose enterprises, grassroots nonprofit, non-governmental, and community-based organizations, and is collaborating and taking action locally, nationally & globally, in order to make the world a better place.”

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