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Immaculate “Mackie” Basil (aged 26) was last seen on June 14, 2013, around the Kuzche Reserve near Fort St. James, British Columbia. An extensive search did not locate her. She has been missing ever since.
Unofficial Additions to the list:
Loren Donn Leslie (aged 15) was an acquaintance of serial killer Cody Legebokoff, whom she met online. Her body was foundin November 2010 on a remote logging road just off Highway 27 near Vanderhoof. Serial killer Cody Legebokoff was convicted of her murder. Legebokoff was pulled over by police on November 27, 2010 and was in possession on Loren’s belongings. Police followed his tire tracks back to Loren’s body and he was arrested. After this arrest, Legebokoff’s DNA was linked to the deaths of Jill Stacey Stuchenko, Cynthia Frances Maas, and Natasha Lynn Montgomery.
Madison Scott (aged 20) vanished on May 28th, 2011 after attending a party at Hogsback Lake, a campsite about 25 kilometres south of Vanderhoof. Police found her tent and truck, but Madison has been missing ever since. Foul play is suspected.
Cicilia/Cecilia Anne Nikal (aged 15) disappeared in October 1989, a year before her cousin Delphine Nikal (on the Project E-PANA list). She was last seen Smithers, B.C. near Highway 16, however, RCMP maintain she was reported missing in Vancouver. Another family member reported Cecilia moved to Vancouver Island, but that was never confirmed.
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Serial killer Cody Legebokoff. Convicted for the murders of Loren Donn Leslie, Jill Stacey Stuchenko, Cynthia Frances Maas, and Natasha Lynn Montgomery. He is notable for being one of Canada’s youngest serial killers. His killing spree took place when he was aged 19 to 20. In 2014, Legebokoff was sentenced to life in prison with no parole for 25 years.
Bobby Jack Fowler was convicted for rape, kidnapping and attempted rape in Newport, Oregon, in 1996. He died in prison in 2006, six years before he was identified as a suspect in Highway of Tears cases. Fowler is a suspect or person of interest in at least 16 murders in British Columbia and Oregon dating as far back as 1969. He is the prime suspect for three of the Highway of Tears cases: Colleen MacMillen (his DNA was found on her body), Gale Weys and Pamela Darlington.

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Exposing The Royals (continued)
Here is the "continuing" excerpt from Part One of The Zion King sequel to the epic Ring Of Power DVD series.
Included on the wedding guest list was William’s uncle Andrew who is the brother of William’s father Charles and the son of Queen Elizabeth. Andrew, who 4th in line to the British throne, has been exposed in the news as a paedophile. His buddy, Jeffry Epstein, is a convicted paedophile who served up underage girls to Prince Andrew like lolly pops.
George Mountbatten’s porn collection now resides at the British Museum where it is kept in a hidden repository of artefacts deemed pornographic and unfit for public viewing. It is a well known fact that child victims of sexual predators commonly identify with their abusers and grow up to become sexual predators themselves.
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MissingJessie Foster поделился(-ась) публикацией Glendene Grant — грустен(-на).
The pain continues! :'(
My daughters, Crystal and MissingJessie Foster's grandmother, Edith Foster (Jessie's namesake – Jessica Edith Louise Foster), passed away. Prayers for her son, Dwight Foster, and all her loved ones for peace.
MissingJessie Foster поделился(-ась) мероприятием Glendene Grant.
Send the North Las Vegas Police Chief a Birthday Card for Jessie.
MissingJessie Foster поделился(-ась) публикацией Glendene Grant.
M.A.T.H. (Mothers Against Trafficking Humans)
. Hats (one size) & T-shirts (size large).
The back of the hat says: FIND JESSIE FOSTER.…
M.A.T.H. (Mothers Against Trafficking Humans)
. Hats (one size) & T-shirts (size large).
The back of the hat says: FIND JESSIE FOSTER.
Please include postage, if not in Kamloops.
MissingJessie Foster поделился(-ась) публикацией Glendene Grant.
Jessie Foster, has been missing for 11 years, as of March 29. She was taken from Canada to the US. She was beaten, hospitalized with a broken jaw and forced to work at an escort agency in Las Vegas, even being arrested 2 times for 4 counts of solicitation of prostitution.

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Ciarniello is one of the original members of the Vancouver Hells Angels that patched over from the Satan’s Angels. David Black and all of Ricky’s long time associates were convicted of kidnapping and torturing a butler. Simma Holt wrote a book about it called the Devil’s Butler quoting police wire taps.

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