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While some Singapore brothels actually do offer quality women for decent prices, there are also unscrupulous whore houses thriving in Singapore. In fact these days Geylang has as many dangers as delights. You should know that Singapore red light districts are no longer safe havens for cheap sex. Real dangers to you are on the rise, and it’s sound advice to educate yourself before seeking pleasure in Singapore, especially at night.
How To Avoid Singapore Tourist Traps.
Touristy cat houses in Geylang are often identified by their large red street numbers, and typically operate from mid afternoon until 3-5 am. But the more discrete speakeasy brothels are what seasoned travelers prefer. Not only is the quality much higher, they’re also more likely to satisfy fetishes and almost any fantasy you might have. These “dream brothels” of Singapore, once discovered, will serve you with plenty of fantastic memories for a lifetime. Not only that, you’ll easily avoid the traps & scams that plague the average tourist. Private tours in Geylang are in greater demand than ever these days, with good reason. These savvy local guides know the very best brothels, and the premium prices you’ll pay almost guarantee you an amazing experience in Singapore.
Steam brothels are one of Geylang's best kept secrets.
Local Expert Unleashes Mobile Red Light Guide.
One exciting alternative to high-end private tours is Rodney Colter’s Singapore Red Light District Guide. Geylang insider Colter reveals where you will find your dream girl…the young Asian & Eastern European imports who service only the well-informed travelers, and for friendly local prices. Compatible with mobile devices, it’s become an exciting new option for visitors to Singapore and allows you to choose only services hand picked by a local expert.
Who Should NOT Use The Singapore Red Light Guide.
Colter’s Guide is NOT for everybody. In some cases you are better off without it. High rollers & VIP’s can afford to hire personal tour guides, like Colter, Daniel Richards or Randolph Heinz, adding even more security to the experience. The cost is higher, but some men prefer the security of knowing they’re being personally accompanied by the city’s best pleasure guides. Stag Groups are also probably better off going with a party tour group which includes pleasure centers. Colter’s Guide is for you if you are looking for discrete, high-quality companionship in Geylang’s brothel area. Business travelers and tourists who are new to Geylang or simply looking to “upgrade” their past experience, Colter’s pdf guide is guaranteed to instantly deliver. Whichever method you choose to experience Geylang, keep your safety first and enjoy yourself to the fullest!
Five ways to determine if she is a prostitute.
This weekend’s list contains important information that could save you a lot of hassle, potential incarceration and hefty fines. Many a man has found himself in a situation where he needs to determine, quickly, if the woman he is talking to is a prostitute. Perhaps you brush up against her at Whole Foods or catch her eye while lifting weights at the Sports Barn. What if you are at a concert, and the girl behind you decides to ride on your shoulders? Is she a lady of the night? I don’t know. Maybe. You can’t be too sure. Here are some ways to vet out the situation.
My go-to question. I try to ask this at the very beginning of the conversation. She doesn’t have to answer, but her immediate response will tell you all you need to know. If she says, “Are you serious?” and becomes offended, she is most likely not a prostitute. You can now continue the conversation if she is willing. She may not be, though, but this is a chance you MUST take. You don’t want to be sitting in an apartment three years into a relationship and have her calmly tell you she “enjoys sleeping with men for money sometimes” while baking cupcakes. The onus is on you to determine whether she is a prostitute. She won’t tell you unless you are a client, but then it doesn’t matter.
Prostitutes will sometimes change their name to something ridiculous to protect their identity. If she tells you her name is “Sparkles,” “Bubbles” or “Snapz,” you need to move in the opposite direction. Those are not Christian names. In fact, she is giving you a direct hint that she is more interested in a business exchange than a loving, long-term relationship. You need to also be careful with overly common names like “Brittany” and “Christy.” I know many women with those names, of which roughly 10 percent are known prostitutes. Just be careful. All women named “Sparkles” are prostitutes and probably have penises.
Ask, “Are you friends with Barney?”
How many phones does she have?
This is common sense. Many prostitutes will carry two cellphones: one for their personal life and another for their sexual life. Be wary of a beautiful lady who has two phones, especially if she checks both constantly. She will tell you the second phone is a “work phone,” which is exactly what it is. That phone is probably linked to some seedy Internet profile page that hundreds of guys are ogling. There is a number on that page that links directly to the phone she’s carrying. Keep an ear out for phrases like “MoMo in 30” and “full service is 25 roses.” These are not things people say unless they have sex for money.


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