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Fisted by a gang
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I am grateful for the opportunity to write a play with a beginning, middle and end. My stomach is turning just thinking about it, which means it’s good I am doing it!
InViolet: What was the last show you saw that really knocked you out and had you feeling hopeful about theater?
Juan: I was blown away by Orange Julius by Basil Kriemendahl , Directed by Dustin Wills , presented by Page 73 and Rattlestick . Dolphins and Sharks by James Anthony Tyler , Directed by Charlotte Brathwaite , presented by Labyrinth Theater was another production that excited me. Both were potent theatrical productions that were brilliantly directed with two courageous casts that were led by two playwrights with very original voices that add to the diverse makeup of American Theater.
InViolet: Whose work (companies and/or individual artists) do you think we should be seeing and supporting more?
Juan: Quicksilver Theater in NYC led by Tyron Henderson. Free Street Theater in Chicago led by Coya Paz and Melissa Duprey . Victory Gardens led by Chay Yew in Chicago. LATC Latino Theater Company in Los Angeles. Watts Village Theater in LA. 1 st Stage Theater in D.C. since Alex Levy took over has gone through a dramatic shift. Meghan Beals at Chicago Dramatists has been creating exciting new opportunities. Teatro Vista ’s production of La Havan Madrid by Sandra Delgado , Directed by Cheryl Lynn Bruce in Chicago highlights as you step back in time to 1960s Chicago and right into La Havana Madrid , the long-gone Caribbean night club that drew throngs of newly-arrived Latinos to the city’s north side. La Havana Madrid, a vibrant, musical venue, became a cultural hub for these new Chicagoans. Black and Brown Theater led by Emilio Rodriguez in Detroit. INTAR Theater in NYC led by Lou Moreno . ALTA Semillero Playwrights Group in Chicago led by Isaac Gomez . Halcyon Theater in Chicago. Sweat by Lynn Nottage presented by The Public Theater on Broadway. Make an effort to know the canon of work by Lorena Diaz and Wendy Mateo of Dominizuelan , Ike Holter, Guadalis del Carmen, Bernardo Cubria, Jonathan Payne, Ming Pfeiffer, Lauren Yee, Tanya Saracho, Ricky Gamboa, Aaron Mays, Katori Hall, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Marisela Trevino Orta, Marcus Gardely, Thomas Bradshaw, Rohina Malik, Lavina Jadhwani, Gabe Ruiz, Georgina Leanse-Escobar, Reginal Edmund, Migdalia Cruz and Marco Antonio Rodriguez . There are so many more, but this interview is overdue.
InViolet InFocus – Bixby Elliot.
Read about the great Bixby Elliot, co-founder and co-host of InViolet’s Second Monday Social. Watch him struggle with what to call himself in the theater world! Learn about his diabolical plan to break up a marriage! And discover why he’s purchasing a one-way ticket to Sweden and renaming himself Sven!
InViolet: How do you identify in the theater world?
Bixby: First, thanks for doing this with me. I really appreciate it. I am not very good at interviews, but let’s give this a whirl – shall we? This first one is easy. I’m a playwright. Ok. Wait. No. More than that. A writer – yep – let’s go with that. Theater is my passion, the thing that gets my motor going, but I also have worked on some TV projects and written a few screenplays. Yes. Writer. Ok. Now. Let’s hold on a beat. It might be more nuanced than that – I think I might identify as a collaborator. There is something about the way I am navigating the world lately that makes “writer” feel a bit limiting. I also consider myself a person that loves to work with other individuals to create and bring things to life – whether this is a play I have written OR working with writers and actors for The Brooklyn Generator or Second Monday Social with InViolet. Ok. Let’s go with “collaborator” – it might change but I will stop now. Um. This was supposed to be the easy question. Next.
InViolet: Tell us about your InViolet journey so far.
Bixby: Well, like all good things in my life, joining InViolet was a bit of an accident and a bit of lack of awareness of what was really going on. Several years ago I became friends with Melanie Maras (a founding member of InViolet). After a chance encounter on a street corner one afternoon we began a long love affair (that does NOT sound right). We were seeing a ton of each other when I was in LA working on something and she said “Hey Bixby do you want to go to an InViolet meeting” and I was like “sure”! So I went to a meeting and they read some of my pages and it was really fun. Then Melanie said, “Hey Bixby do you want to go to an InViolet retreat” and I was like “sure”! So I went to the retreat and had a blast and just really clicked with everyone. I met great people and great artists but I was not thinking this would lead to becoming a member – that hadn’t even entered my mind – really! Then I got a call saying Angela and Michael wanted to have coffee with me and they were like “Hey Bixby do you want to be an InViolet company member” and I remember being totally shocked and confused. I, of course, said YES! I am so glad I did, because InViolet has become a wonderful theatrical home for me in NYC. InViolet has produced workshops of my plays TREASURE ISLAND, FL and done a reading of my play BIRDS DO IT and, of course, they produced the NY premiere of SOMMERFUGL. I have also met amazing friends and collaborators in InViolet – people I know that I will know and work with for the rest of my life. I mean, what more could you ask for! Oh gosh this answer is soooo long. I told you that I was not good at this.

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