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Report by Barbara Limanowska , Trafficking in Human Beings in Southeastern Europe.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
[Turn to: Romania а 1. Overview а 1.2 Trafficking of children]
Anecdotes of child prostitution around train and bus stations, mainly of Roma children, are common. The Romanian Embassy is not interested in repatriating these children and adolescents, and no special programs or services exist for migrant children living on the streets.
Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation – Romania.
Donna M. Hughes, Laura Joy Sporcic , Nadine Z. Mendelsohn, Vanessa Chirgwin , Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, 1999.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
PROSTITUTION – There are approximately 2,000 homeless children in Romania . Many of them are forced to accept money for sex to survive. AIDS is an increasing problem. (Harold Briley, "Bitter winter for Romania’s street children," BBC, 2 January 1998) 5% of the homeless children in Romania are in prostitution. The main railway station in Bucharest is a main area for children in prostitution.
Bitter winter for Romania ‘s street children.
Harold Briley, BBC News, January 2, 1998.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
Some of the girls are child prostitutes. When you are 11 or 12, with nowhere to go and nothing to eat, it seems an easy – and sometimes the only – way to survive. Unaware of the dangers, they fall pregnant, and their babies die. Those that don’t, they abandon because their unformed breasts contain no milk to feed them. Occasionally there is a girl cradling a sickly baby. Some of the children have AIDS, doomed to die before they become adults.
ROMANIA – Report On The Worst Forms Of Child Labour [PDF]
Worst Forms of Child Labour Report 2005 – Romania. worstformsreport /world/romania.html.
[accessed 14 September 2012]
CHILD PROSTITUTION AND PORNOGRAPHY – 5% of the homeless children in Romania are in prostitution. There are approximately 2,000 homeless children in Romania . Many of them are forced to accept money for sex in order to survive.
Child Prostitution Seen As Threat to Eastern Europe.
Reuter, Strasbourg France , 29 April 1996.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
Victims were being recruited among an estimated 100,000 homeless children in eastern Europe, according to the survey by the ECPAT organization. Child prostitution was rife in bars, hotels and around train stations. Experts blamed local gangsters, poverty, and lax attitudes developing as a reaction after the fall of puritanical communist regimes. It said. boy prostitutes came mainly from Romania , Poland and the Czech Republic .
ECPAT International Newsletter, Issue No : 33 1/December/2000.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 13 September 2011]
EASTERN EUROPE – Hungary and Poland are receiver, sender and transit countries for the trafficking of children for sexual purposes. Romania is a sender and receiver country but Bulgaria is only a sender country. Hungary and Poland receive children from Romania , Ukraine and Russia . The main destinations for children trafficked from and through Poland are Germany , The Netherlands and Belgium . Many of the victims are boys. Furthermore, in Poland students voluntarily prostitute themselves in Germany over the weekends in order to earn money.
Behind the Red Light District.
A real-life Romanian prostitute working in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Blogging the truth about prostitution, human trafficking, pimps and politics.
How I ended up in prostitution.
Girls working in Amsterdam for the large majority, and all the girls I know, knew exactly what they came here to do. Even those that became victims of human trafficking, knew they where going to work in prostitution as you can find out from actually reading court cases of human trafficking. So unlike so many people think, those girls weren’t tricked into working in prostitution, they knew it and they agreed on it.
And the same thing is true for me. I came here because I wanted to work in prostitution. Not because some guy told me something different, and not because he made me fall in love with him and emotionally forced me into this job. No, I simply wanted to come here to do this job, to make a lot of money.
Some friends of mine had moved to Italy, and started working there in restaurants and bars. Hoping I could follow them, I asked them if they could help me find a job in Italy. They promised me they would look for a job for me, so I could come to work in Italy. I was up in the air, I could go to work in Italy, make good money there, and with a few years I could go back to Romania to buy my own house and my own car.
Yes, perhaps prostitution wasn’t the dream job I had in mind, but then again so weren’t a lot of other jobs I did before. On top of that I could make much more money in prostitution than I ever could make in Italy working in a restaurant. The fact that I could be working in prostitution in another country, without my family or friends ever having to find out about it, made it a lot easier to make a choice.
I always thought for instance that you had to have sex with everyone, but as they explained it to me, that wasn’t the case, and I could refuse anyone I didn’t like. I also had the idea that people who went to prostitutes where old, fat and dirty people, but as they explained me, this was very far from the truth. I also always thought that many girls where forced into this job, but also that turned out to be a big lie as I talked to them.

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